Management and supply of ornamental plants

An integrated service for professionals in the world of ornamental plants.


Wide Variety of Ornamental Plants

We offer a wide selection of large trees, shrubs, and all types of palm trees. We provide a diverse range of cold climate trees (such as Platanus sp, Populus sp, etc.) and warm climate trees (Schinus sp., Tipuana tipu, etc.) potted in containers and ready for commercialization and planting at any time of the year. We also offer a wide range of specimen plants, palm trees, olive trees, and tropical plants.

Targeted specifically towards garden centers, landscapers, gardening companies, municipalities, and construction companies.

We cultivate relationships with our customers!

Wide variety

We have a wide variety of specimens and species. More than 10,000 square meters of exhibition.

Customer Service

Personalized service. The success of your Business or project is our priority.

National and International delivery

We have our own logistics for domestic and international deliveries.

Professional Team

More than 80 professionals working to offer you the best service and quality.

From BARNAPLANT we manage the location, purchase and supply of a wide variety of plants. From palmaceae, trees, shrubs, vivacious, cacti, aromatic, flowering and aquatic plants while the commercial management of different nurseries in the region of Maresme and woodland and shrubs of the province of Girona. Quality, service and the widest range of products.

Over 4,000 species of ornamental plants

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